Adventures of Casey Lynn: Seattle

So I have been away for a few days adventuring around the gorgeous city of Seattle! Sorry for the lack of blog posting, but I needed to take a few days off to refuel, spend time with friends and family and be inspired in new ways. To make up for my lack of posting I would love to share some photo’s with you all of my wonderful adventures in the North West! It was the perfect sunny weather with a cold breeze that felt amazing after enduring 100 degree heat all summer! We spent most of our time hanging out with friends and playing shuffle board at bars while listening to taylor swift and hot Cheetos and Takis, but we did hit up a few tourist attractions! Some of my favorite places I went were Discover Park, Kearny Park (where the picture above was taken), Hot Cakes, Queen Anne area, SPU and the Pink Door is one of the cutest little restaurants I have ever been! It was such an amazing trip and such a blessing to spend my 24th birthday in this beautiful place!

01. Cool Kids hanging out at the Seattle Center // 02. Flying over the farm land of Sacramento. // 03. Pike Place. // 04. My wonderful brother came to visit along with the rest of my family!

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