Bradley Mountain

(Video by the very talented Rachel Ashley. See all of her videos HERE.)

I am so honored to share with you the amazing leather work of Tyler Axtell! Tyler is the founder of Bradley Mountain and the creator of the beautiful leather work above. Tyler does not limit himself however to journals and wallets, yet custom made bags and satchels as well. Tyler did not just create Bradley Mountain to display his own work, but to create a space for other creators and crafters to share as well. Here is a little bit about the heart and mission behind Bradley Mountain:

“Before the growth of large industries and urbanization people traded their skills in community. Each person (tailors, masons, wood and leather craftsmen, farmers, and poets) worked each of their processes to perfection. The works of the crafter’s hands did not exploit others. Their heart was behind their work. The end results is not just a product but a piece of the craftsman. The entire community benefitted from the commitment of each artisan.

I want to reflect, understand, and mobilize such an idea. Bradley Mountain is a collective that creates, explores and sells handmade accessories, decor, and art, each piece made by a specialist. Some products will be made in community, some will be made by individuals. The purpose here is not to brew competition but cooperation.” – Tyler Axtell

You can see all of Tyler Axtell’s work HERE!

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