Make Wild One


Introducing… Make Wild One by DAVIE! Do you guys remember my dreamer post I did on Dianna Grobstein a while back? Well she is the insanely talented artist behind DAVIE and I am excited to share and urge you to follow along on a new project she is launching! For the month of November, artist DAVIE will be crowdfunding to publish her children’s book, WILD ONE. Please check the Make Wild One Kickstarter page and support this extremely talented artist by purchasing her amazing rewards and children’s book!

Here is a little bit more about the project from DAVIE herself :

“WILD ONE pushes her audience to live brave and wild lives. It acts as an art book perfect for a coffee table and a family’s nighttime ritual before their little ones fall asleep.

DAVIE has been doing art for the last 3 years. She started doing street art and her work quickly evolved into shows at galleries and a freelance business. Her style has simple black lines and a classic aesthetic. To view DAVIE’s portfolio, visit” – DAVIE

Desktop Flare / 21


ClICK TO DOWNLOAD I-MAC (2560 x 1440) // 15 INCH (1400 x 900) // 13 INCH (1280 x 800) *FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY

(Once you click the download link, right click ‘Save Image As’, save to your desktop, then set as your background)



(Once you click the download link, press down on the screen till ‘Save Image As’pops up, save to your photos, then set as your background)

Gosh I can’t believe it is already November! The holidays are approaching quickly and I’m so excited. This season is hands down my favorite time of the year. So in honor of the holidays I would love to give you your first gift of the season, a free desktop download! I hope this finds you well and brings you some encouragement and hope this week!

Ruffle Effect


You know that moment when you think of a new adventure that fills all your wants and needs, but your just not sure if it is actually attainable. Well last spring around the year mark of my blog I started to ask myself; “What are you passionate about?” “What makes you excited?” “What is important to you in your work?” As I begin to ask these questions I started to dream up a new business. A business that combined my passion for people, gatherings, making others dreams come to life and pretty design pieces all into one. I started thinking of who I needed to partner with. What gifts and talents I could bring to the table and what I needed to balance them out. I realized I needed a coordinator, a business woman, someone who understands numbers, and loves to handle logistics and people in a graceful manor. Lucky for me one of my dearest friends not only has all of these gifts, but she was looking to combine all of her passions and dreams as well.

(above are images from our etsy shop!)

So with that I am excited to announce that I’m teaming up with the very talented Cristen Frost and launching a new event coordination and design studio called, Ruffle Effect. Here is a little bit about Ruffle Effect:

“Have you heard the term ripple effect? By definition, a ripple effect is a spreading, pervasive, and usually unintentional effect or influence.

And today we are talking about you. Your story. Your love and passions for the people and places around you. You, my friend, are the drop that starts the ripple effect. Sharing in life and community directly impacts those people and places around you – providing more joy, more hope, more laughter, and more meaning.” – The Ruffle Effect Girls

Although we have lots of building and planning ahead, we are excited to announce our first step of launching our Etsy shop! So please take a browser through our shop and be sure to like us on facebook and follow us on instagram to follow our journey!

So what does this mean for Casey Lynn Designs.. Well for now I’m caring on with freelance and other work as normal! I am just not ready to let go of this little design studio and most of all my amazing clients. So to all my clients and those looking for graphic design work, Casey Lynn Designs is still open for business as normal! Also now that this big news is out and the ball is rolling I must apologize for being MIA once again! I hope to be blogging a little more from now on!

Well if you made it this far thanks for listening to me ramble and I hope you have a beautiful Wednesday!!

Recent Work : Rachel Boston

RB-intro copy

I am so excited to share with you my most recent website work for the amazing Rachel Boston! Rachel Boston is a very talented actress whose most recent work includes playing Ingrid in the new Lifetime show Witches of East End that premieres October 6th! Rachel came to me a couple of months ago wanted to create a space for herself on the web that better displayed her work as well as shows off her personal style. It has been so fun designing for Rachel and helping her create a new outlet to put her work and personality out there. She is from Tennessee and considers herself a country girl so she wanted it to stay soft, clean and have some sort of floral vibe. After hearing her inspiration the first thing that came to mind was illustrating some flowers and creating a very simple layout site that had taps for everything you need on the landing page. After I created the flowers and the primary layout it all just seemed to fall together and well the rest is history! It is my favorite website design I have done to date!

So everyone check out and catch Rachel Boston on Lifetime starting October 6th!!



Otis & Allysa



This summer I not only had the great privalage to create the wedding invites for one of my very dear friends, but also had the privalage of being in her wedding. It was hands down the most fun I have had at a wedding yet. It was laid back with amazing decor, tasty food, so much dancing and so many great people. Most importantly at the end of the day Otis and Allysa are married and it was such a blessing to stand beside them on this very important day.

Now on to the wedding invites. I designed a wedding invitation suite for Otis and Allysa. I really love the way they turned out. They were married in Allysas backyard so their vision was a mix of antlers, birch trees and hay. After hearing their inspiration the first thing that came to mind was illustrating some antlers and finding type that fit them to become their logo. After that was created I illustrated a few birch trees to frame the text and well the rest is history! This design is defiantly one of my favorites!

Recent Work : Wedding Invitations


It is truly a blessing to get to be part of someones wedding day! Every time I get the opportunity to create invitations for a couple I get so excited to be part of their big celebration of love and that I have the opportunity to help there dreams turn into reality. Thank you to Danny and Sarah for letting me part of their big day and being the inspiration for these invitations!

If you have a big day coming up and would like custom invitations, save the dates or other design work please contact me at as I would be honored to be part of your big celebration!