Weekend Wear / 33


01. HAT // 02. BAG // 03. SHIRT // 04. SHORTS // 05. CAMERA // 06. HEELS

Welp we made it through another week! Things have been crazy around here… but so good! Balancing work with summer adventures is not going to be easy, but my goodness will it be fun! This summer is all about work hard and play even harder, starting now! I head to camp on sunday and I am so excited. I will be working while up on the mountain, but also playing like a kid, spending too much time in the sun and laughing way too hard. I cannot wait! I am also excited to reflect a little on the last year as I return to my old stomping ground and revisit with old friends. Ah so excited!

The summer adventure has begun! I’m sorry if you don’t hear from me much for the summer season, but I promise to check in every once and a while to share a desktop background or my recent adventure! I hope your all able to get out there and adventure a little this weekend!!

Summer Let’s Go : Gear Up




It is officially summer time and that means life is about to get 20 times crazier and 100 times more fun! This summer is about to be insane! I have weddings to attend, visitors to entertain, backpacking trips, weekend getaways, and of course summer camp! I am seriously so excited and it begins with this coming weekend as I take a very common trip to San Diego. Although I am about 92% excited about this summer I still find myself 8% nervous as well. This summer is the first summer I will be trying to juggle both my part time job and freelance. I love my clients and love what I do, but I also love adventures, friends, laughing till I cry, spontaneous all nighters and city visits. So how will I handle it all this summer… deep breaths, little sleep, remembering that life is worth living and knowing that it will all happen with one step at a time. Hopefully the excitement of summer and adventures will always out weigh the fear of not getting things done this summer, but I guess we will all have to wait and see! On this note I must admit my blogging will be cut to a minimum this summer as I try to juggle everything else, but I promise I report on all the adventures and do monthly re-caps of all the trips! So for my first summer post I thought I would share with you my summer essientials that I believe are a must for the summer time (especially that swimsuit from topshop)! Happy start of summer friends!!

Weekend Wear / 32


01. HAT // 02. BAG // 03. SWEATER // 04. SHORTS // 05. NECKLESS // 06. GLASSES // 07. SANDALS

Happy weekend friends! This weekend I will be attending my first baseball game of the season! A fun fact you may not know about me is that I used to be pretty into sports. My family is a spots family, so growing up I tried almost every sport. This also means I have been to a lot of major league games as well. We grew up driving to Seattle often to watch the Mariners play. Although I am not the biggest fan of gathering around the TV to watch a game, I do have a love for actually going to the stadium to see a game live. So needless to say I am pretty excited for my first game of the season! I hope you all have a beautiful weekend and get to spend it doing something you love with people you love!

Weekend Wear / 31


01. SCARF // 02. BACKPACK // 03. SHIRT // 04. SHORTS // 05. SUNGLASSES // 06. WATCH // 07. SANDALS

It is another working weekend over here! But don’t feel sorry for this girl because come Tuesday I am heading to SD for a little getaway!! Woo I am so excited! I hope you all have a beautiful weekend and find some time to relax, adventure and play! OH and don’t forget to tell your mom how wonderful she is and make her feel special because Sunday is mothers day!!

Weekend Wear / 29


01. HAT // 02. BLANKET // 03. TOP // 04. LEGGINGS // 05. GLASSES // 06. BAG // 07. BOOTS

This is a simple weekend wear post in honor of a simple and reflective day. Although Easter is meant to be bright and celebratory, good friday is messy, hard and meant to be processed to really be able to experience all the glory of Easter. Today I attended my first Good Friday service in years and was reminded of the importances of Good Friday and how much you need it to fully embrace it to understand Easter. I am thankful for this weekend and plan to give some devoted time to resting and processing life of where I am and where I am going. I need this weekend to get me back on track as lately it seems I have been on the fast track and just going through the motions instead of being present and really intentional. I want to be intentional with everyday and live with purpose and meaning and that first means recharging and refocusing on what your doing and why your doing it. I am excited for this weekend and the hope, reflection and rest that is in store. I hope you all have a beautiful Easter weekend and take time to rest, reflect and find hope in where you are at.

PS: Next Monday is my blogs 1st birthday so stop by on Monday because there will be a big first for the blog that you do not want to miss!!!! Happy Good Friday Friends!