Guilty Pleasures // 12

So I’ve mentioned Paris’ shoddy weather before but late it’s been perfect! And with this warm summer weather, I find myself wanting to drink everything out of a straw. It just makes it seem more summery when there’s a brightly colored straw sitting in your ice cold lemonade. Well, the problem with this is that I love to slurp. Though of course I dislike it whenever other people do it – but we never really hold ourself to the same “rules” do we? You should really give it a try (just not around me). ;)

here are a few recipes for some summer drinks to slurp:
the frenchy cocktail
summer sangria
grapefruit margarita

Have a good week!
your noise gal,

Guilty Pleasures // 11

So last weeks post got me thinking. I realized nearly everything I draw, I end up personifying. Unless we’re talking about landscapes but every animal and inanimate object – I just can’t resist that urge to give it “some personality”. Do you guys do this too? I’m sure most of you do because I know this isn’t uncommon. I guess it’s probably because we always feel a need to “relate”. Hmmm, I’d like to read a study on this.

Anyway, here’s a few other illustrators who enjoy doing the same thing:

Marc Johns ( is one of my favorite illustrators as I’ve mentioned before ( ) and he does a lot of personifying things as well.

Jessie LeDoux is also another great illustrator. Look at this. You might have also seen his work as the cover of the Shins’ Chutes Too Narrow album

& this one by Audrey Jeanne is a nice follow up to last weeks post.

happy monday!

your noise gal,

Guilty Pleasures // 10


I’ve always been inclined to like kitschy things (i blame this on Barbie). One of these inclinations are for cats. Have you been sucked into this too? What I really like are the illustrations/ personifications of them (but the animal is nice too). I think it’s best I show you what I mean rather than try to explain it:

I just bought this cat print shirtand wore it all weekend.

This watchis definitely on my wish list.

And this ring & earrings

see what I mean? cute, right?!

your noise gal,

Guilty Pleasures // 09

you know when you’ve always judged something and then you realize you do the very same thing? Well, that’s kind of what’s happened to me. I grew up in sunny southern California where I would often over here other So. Cal-ians saying things like “i looooove the sun!” and “i could never live with out this sunny weather!” or “i’d just die if i ever had to face a real winter”. I would always roll my eyes at them and think how over dramatic and stereotypical they were being. But the thing is, I loooove the sun and I would (almost) die if I had to face a real winter. This winter in Paris was the first time I’ve ever had to face a “real winter” and it was definitely a harsh slap in the face. I found myself walking the streets with a permanent scowl on my face (& it wasn’t too fit in with the Parisians) and buried under 10 layers of clothing til it looked like I had no neck. It even changed my feelings toward the city for awhile. I could go on and on about this and tell you stories of how I couldn’t get myself out of bed or how I couldn’t stop smiling the first few days it was sunny again. Instead I’ll just say, this week my guilty pleasure/ confession is – I looooove the sun!

your noise gal,

Guilty Pleasures // 08

Today let’s talk about a guilty pleasure we all engage in, music, or maybe it’s better called “personal soundtracks”. I’m not talking about the times we listen to music for itself and appreciate it’s qualities – I’m talking about the times we use it to illustrate our own lives. Let me explain what I mean, when I’m feeling a little down in the dumps and can’t get myself out of it I’ll choose a melancholy album (usually death cab or iron & wine) and lay on my bed staring at the ceiling just letting myself wallow for a moment. You might be thinking to yourself, “geezus, that’s depressing” but the thing is we all have those days (there’s no point in denying it) and it actually feels good to take a minute and just feel whatever it is I’m feeling at the time – and then move on. It goes the other way as well, whenever I’m working on something I’m really excited about or getting ready to go on a trip I’ve been looking forward to, I’ll spend at least half an hour shuffling through my iTunes til I find an album that seems right for the occasion. It’s a little silly I admit and perhaps it’s the result of growing up in a society surrounded by movies but it’s just nice to have a little “personal soundtrack” playing in the background for certain moments of your life.

The personal soundtrack I’d have playing today is a mix between Baths & Fleet Foxes because it’s a nice but gray day over here in Paris.

What do you have playing today? What do you play when you’re on a road trip or feeling a little under the weather?

your noise gal,

Guilty Pleasures // 07

I love miniatures. There I said. Can we still be friends? Mini, tiny, half sized anything. I can’t really explain where this affections for small things came from, or why. But I did play with a lot of Polly Pockets as a kid. I’ll probably be one of those old women who have every wall lined with glass bookcases to shelf their painted ceramic plates – except my shelves will be filled with tiny living room scenes and ceramic mugs with pictures of my grandchildren on them.

Here are some links to some of my favorite small things:

1. miniature heart factory

2. small photography

4. glittered elephants

5. you can even see this “small” obsession coming out in my art

what’s your guilty pleasure of the week?!

your noise gal,