A Monday Pep Talk

Most of you have probably already seen this video, but I needed this happy little video as a reminder this morning to be awesome! Don’t be boring, don’t take life for granted, value those around you, take the road less traveled, take the awesome road, don’t stop believing, don’t quit, hold on, keep pushing, this is your time, make the world dance, and most of all be awesome! Happy Monday friends, I hope you have an amazing day and remember to dance a little today. :)

Forest Home with Kyle Ng


I know Forest Home seems to be a common theme on my blog this week and well it is kinda about time, but this post is more about the wonderful friends I met while working at Forest Home. All these photo’s where taken by one of my good friends and amazing photographer, Kyle Ng (also seen in photo five), and are filled with great people who I love very much and mean a lot to me. These people have all been a part of my journey in small and very large ways and i am lucky to know them. Working at Forest Home for these past two weekends really has helped me reflect upon this crazy path of life I am on and how blessed I have been to meet the people I have. No matter what skills you have and how hard you work in my experience it has been the people who have supported and believed in me that I have gotten me this far. For this I am so thankful for my dear friends and especially Kyle for not only providing amazing memories for us all, but also for being one of the kindest human beings I know! You can check out more of Kyles photo’s HERE!

Monday Inspiration: Becky Murphy

I stumbled upon this piece by Becky Murphy and thought to “what a perfect quote to start off the week with” right?! Not to mention that it is beautifully engraved in wood. Like wow! I found Becky while browsing through dribble the other day and just had to share!!

You can check out all Becky’s shots HERE and follow here on twitter HERE! Hope you all have a beautiful Monday friends and do something today you will be proud of in a year :)

Kristen Marie Photography

Last night I stumbled upon the talented photographer, Kristen Marie, website. Seriously all of her photo’s make me want to go on an adventure (I have never really got that feeling from wedding photography). She is great at capturing moments and telling a love story in a new light. She also somehow always finds herself in extremely gorgeous settings. I feel inspired and a new sense of adventure after roaming her site for a bit! I mean how could you not want to venture through the woods and go for a swim after that seconded pairing of pictures right?! Thanks for the inspiration Kristen and bravo on beautiful photo’s and story telling!!

Check out all her pictures and read more about Kristen Marie HERE!!

Gift Guide for the…/ 02

01. STAR GLOBE // 02. HAT // 03. TENT // 04. BOOT // 05. CAMERA // 06. TRAVEL BLANKET

This weeks first gift (hint hint I’ll be sharing two this week :)) is a gift guide for the wonderers aka adventures! We need that person in our life to take us on spontaneous adventure and make us step out of our comfort zone at times. This year give them something that will help them embrace and cultivate the wonderer inside them so that they may continue on in their adventures ways!!

Krochet Kids : American Giving Awards

If you remember my post from earlyier this fall you already know I love Krochet Kids and their mission to help Women in Africa, but now Krochet Kids are spreading their mission into the states and need your help!! Watch the video below and visit the link to help Krochet Kids spread their mission this holiday season!

“KKi now has an incredible opportunity as 1 of 25 organizations up for a $1 million grant from Chase Bank’s American Giving Awards. Upon winning they’ll be able to expand their work and start a pilot program in the US, bringing job creation, empowerment, and opportunity back home. But they need YOUR HELP! Please VOTE for them right now at http://bit.ly/vote4kki, and share with others about this simple way to provide jobs for more people around the world and here at home!” -Krochet Kids

So CLICK HERE now and vote for Krochet Kids to win $1 million and expand the great work they do back into the states!! You can learn more about this project on their website. Happy Friday Friends!