Make Wild One


Introducing… Make Wild One by DAVIE! Do you guys remember my dreamer post I did on Dianna Grobstein a while back? Well she is the insanely talented artist behind DAVIE and I am excited to share and urge you to follow along on a new project she is launching! For the month of November, artist DAVIE will be crowdfunding to publish her children’s book, WILD ONE. Please check the Make Wild One Kickstarter page and support this extremely talented artist by purchasing her amazing rewards and children’s book!

Here is a little bit more about the project from DAVIE herself :

“WILD ONE pushes her audience to live brave and wild lives. It acts as an art book perfect for a coffee table and a family’s nighttime ritual before their little ones fall asleep.

DAVIE has been doing art for the last 3 years. She started doing street art and her work quickly evolved into shows at galleries and a freelance business. Her style has simple black lines and a classic aesthetic. To view DAVIE’s portfolio, visit” – DAVIE

Catalina Weekend

Cat_2 copy

I spent this last weekend on the island of Catalina away from cell reception, my email inbox and phone calls. It was a good reminder that we all need to take time to step away from our computer screens, office chairs, bottomless inboxes and to do list to refocus on what actually matters. Reflection brings great perspective that helps us find clarity and sometimes you need to get off the main clear your head and remember who you are and where you want to be. God’s plans for us are so much bigger then our dreams for ourself and that is something I need to be reminded of daily.

Summer Recap


Hello Friends!!! Summer is coming to an end and it is time for me to get back to blogging! Summer has been an important time for me to take some deep breaths, re-priorities and let the pressure off a little. To be honest being a graphic designer and blogger can be a little exhausting at times. We find ourselves doing a lot of comparing and if you let yourself think about it for too long, you will find your creativity slipping away. All that to say I needed to take a break clear my head and get back to me being me. So I spent time with friends, poured all I had into freelance work, visited with family and even unplugged for a bit in Nature. To be honest it was the best thing I could do for not only my creativity, but my longevity as a person as well. Stepping away let me breath easy for a bit and find my love for design again, but at the end of the day I missed blogging. So I am back! I will be focusing mostly on purely life, design, and business these days, so get ready for more free downloads, recent works and a few tips for all you fellow bloggers, designers and creatives out there!! Until then heres a little on what I have been up to sense my last post…



I spent 5 days in the wilderness, I mean like you drive up a mountain to a dirt road and then hike 7 miles into a lake wilderness. I was out of service for 5 whole days. I found pure joy sleeping under the stars next to a glass lake and was energized again.

My mom and Aunt Barb came to visit me in California. I think everyone needs an aunt from the south to put a little joy in their lives. We went downtown LA at 2am just to get a Sprinkles Cupcake from the ATM.. Crazy Ladies for sure (but a good crazy:)

More pictures to come later this week, but it was hands down the best wedding I have ever been to!

She Meows a lot, but I don’t mind.

I got to spend a lot of quality time with friends this summer. From friends from washington visiting me California to seeing old friends at weddings, its been a summer of reuniting, growing closer and meeting people. I don’t think I ever thought of myself as a social person until this summer, but I guess I am!

Happy end of Summer my friends and come back tomorrow to see some of my most recent work!

Summer Madness


I am sorry I have been a little silent on my corner of the internet. This summer has been amazing so far and in the same breath very crazy. I feel as though I am running at a hundred miles an hour with little tastes of vacation here and there. Here is my little round up of my favorite things I did this June with some ideas of things you may want to try do this summer!!


Pixar does it again gosh dang it. The story line, the humor, the animation, and not to mention the cute factor, this movie has it all!! Pixar does such an amazing job of taking you through how Mike and Sulley met and honestly changed each others life’s for the better. It is a beautiful story of friendship and growth of character that brings to life the first movie even more. If you haven’t seen it, yet you need to and well if you already have then take a friend who hasn’t cause my goodness it maybe worth seeing twice (maybe). Also if you haven’t seen Man of Steel you should probably just go for a double feature. If that is not convincing enough to get you to the theater then well maybe you should consider the free air conditioning (California is burning up).

2. Creative Events (Tyler Axtell of Bradley Mountain)
I had the opportunity to attend two amazing creative events in San Diego this month. One was celebrating the amazing Tyler Axtell who has been running his small business of Bradley Mountain for a little over a year now. He collaborated with Coffee and Tea collective in San Diego to create a beautiful installation of his work to celebrate his first year of business. If you have not checked out Tyler’s stuff yet defiantly do HERE (also was featured in my dreamers column HERE)!

3. Summer Camp
My summer would never be the same without summer camp. I got to head to the camp I used to work at for a week of fun and craziness. Camp is the one place in the world where you can act like a kid, jump in the lake ever hour, wallow in a mud pit, cheer till you lose your voice and eat only fries and milkshakes for a week straight. It is one of my happy places and I just know my summer would never be the same or as happy without it! I mean come on look at that photo.. we are soooo happy in the mud!!

4. Fly a Kite
One of my favorite days in June I helped a two and half year old fly a kite. It wasn’t easy, but probably one of the funniest things I did all month. If you don’t believe me head to my instagram and watch the video (all she kept saying is “not that”). It is priceless.

5. Find a Body of Water
Newport Beach has become one of my favorite places to escape to. I just cannot get enough of the ocean breeze and sun on my skin. I think it is only fitting that everyone finds a body of water weather a lake, stream, pool or open sea to lay next to unplug and listen to the waves for a while.

A Thought on Creativity

creativityisagift copy

Recently I have been really getting into watching Ted talk videos while working. They tend to help my mind wonder and stimulate new thoughts that spur creativity. The other day I stumbled upon a pretty old Ted talk video by the auther of Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth Gilbert. In this video She talks about creativity and how as creatives we can feel the pressure to create something out of the ordinary all the time, when in reality this may not be in our power. This got me thinking. As creatives we are so fast to take credit and pride in our work, but I don’t think we are the only ones contributing. Creativity is a gift and I know I am guilty for taking credit for this gift way too often. I believe that every creative product began as a thought given as a gift from somewhere beyond us. I know it is a strange thought, but as creative people we must stop thinking all our work is our own and start humbling ourselves to become aware that our creator is the true creative. I think Instagram maybe the best example of this. The photo’s we love to see and fill our feed are photo’s of those who explore nature. We love to see the green hills, beautiful water falls, animals or even people. Those are all things beyond us. Yes it is our phone and our eye catching the right angle, but really it is that huge green hill or water falling so perfectly in front of those rocks that is really collecting those likes. Or lets take a second to talk about golden hour or natural lighting. Both beautiful things we have no control over, yet we know both are key ingredients to breath taking photos.

Please do not get me wrong I do believe we should be proud in the art we create and we should believe in the talents we have been interested with, but we also must give credit where credit is due. For me this was a humbling thought. Creativity is a gift. I get to create things daily for people and that means I get to be inspired and collaborate with the real creator everyday. It is all a gift and today I am choosing to be thankful and allow myself to enter into work with joy.

You’re A Rad DAD



In case you may have forgotten it’s fathers day this Sunday and in honor of all the rad dads and father figures out there, I have a free printable card for y’all to download! So call, write, hug, and just let them know your thankful for them!

If it weren’t for my dad I wouldn’t be where I am today. In high school he always supported my creativity and even was the one who told me to pursue graphic design in college (I actually had no idea what graphic design was at the time). It wasn’t until college that I found out how rare it is to have parents who fully support you going into a creative field. My dad has always been my biggest fan. He always pushed me to pursue my dreams and has supported me in every step I have taken. In a field where you are constantly being critiqued and told how you can be better it is amazing to have one person who you know will always be on your side and encourage you on. He also has always challenged me in the same breath. He is the best at asking those questions that really get you thinking. I remember as he used to drive me to school, he would always ask me questions about my faith and encourage me to dig deeper. I am so grateful for those car rides. Now he fully believes in my faith and continues to push me to relay on God completely and follow his will for my life. Thanks Dad for being my biggest fan, supporter of all my dreams, encourager of my faith and really just an amazing dad!

Enjoy this weekend and making the dad’s in your life feel loved and valued for all that they have done! Happy Almost Fathers Day :)