It has been a very long summer to say the least. I have been working a lot as well as playing and traveling around California on the weekends. As long and as hard as it’s been at times I have loved every moment of this summer. I feel as though I have grown so much in these months and honestly seen God work and gotten to build some beautiful friendships this summer. Although it’s been long in some ways I cannot believe that summer is coming to an end. One of my favorite parts of my summer this far had to been last week. I had the pleasure of counseling up at camp for a church I used to work for. I loved every moment of it even though I had to split my time between camp and work it was well worth it! Here are a few pictures from the hipster hunger games!

With so much going on right now I think it’s hard to sum up my life in a couple different questions, but there is one thing that has been on my mind lately. It is a question that has come up a lot in conversations with friends and I don’t feel as though anyone, including myself, has an answer to. What is a hipster? I am called a hipster often and even given in that it might be the easiest way to describe my style and taste, but is that all that word means. Also are there different kinds of hipster? Some vintage, some classic, some dirty, some pretty. Really what does it all mean? The first time I ever heard the word hipster was in Portland. In Portland, the city that helped develop this fad, the word hipster means fake hippies. I really have no answer for my question, but really at the end of the day it does it matter. I have a feeling hipster will die out as fast as it came in. Till then i will wear the name proud for as long as the trend lives on. Happy Wednesday friends!

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