A lot has been going on around here lately. Sometimes I feel like I am just holding my breath till the weekend when I can breath a little. Don’t get me wrong I am very blessed and have a wonderful life, I just fall victim to the busy trap like every other American trying to juggle all the things life hands you. Maybe that is why I have avoided this entry for a while now. I am scared to admit that lately I am very tired. But in reality my life is very good. Although there are a lot of things to juggle that at times fall heavy on my shoulders, there are also loving friends, an amazing family, a blog to play on, pretty things to design, a God who loves me and so much more that makes it all worth it!

Excited About: In a week and a day I will be heading to Seattle! I am so excited to go and visit friends, see family, explore the city and celebrate my 24th birthday!! Thats right next week I will be turning 24. I know thats young and I have a lot of life ahead of me, but I have had this fear of getting older recently. It mostly has to do with the problem of comparison that we all face and how I sometimes find myself feeling like I haven’t accomplished enough at this age as I should have and clock is running. Comparison is an awful thing. But any who we were talking about exciting things ah Seattle I cannot wait to see you!! I am so excited for the weather, but defiantly not more then all the wonderful people I am going there with along with get to see while I am there. Not to mentioned a much needed break from work! Ah only 7 more days!

Scared Of: Besides my fear of getting older I have had this silly fear that Fall may never come recently. Now I know this sounds funny, but really the heat is not fading here in Cali. I don’t think this north west girl can take much more of it. All I want to do is wear leggings and sweaters, but I must remember that if heat is the worst thing in my life then I am a very blessed girl and have a lot to thank God for.

Thankful: I am so thankful to have a home. I know this sounds so simple, but really having a place you can come home to where you feel like you belong, can think, dance, be yourself, cry, rest, gosh that is such a blessing. I am so thankful God has blessed me with my little home and my amazing roommate (who you can spend some time with every thursday when she guest post for my food & type column HERE). If you have a place like this that you can run to when all hits the fan, please know you are really blessed.

Listening to: I have just gotten into a lot of new bands recently. Two of my favorites that I have on repeat most days are the Givers and Milo Greene. I fell for Milo Greene so hard that after one day of dancing around my apartment to their cd I bought a ticket to their LA show coming up in November. I cannot wait!!

Making an Effort: I know I have said this before, but I am trying once again to live a healthy lifestyle. This time however I am not just trying to eat right and run more (although that is included), but now I am trying get emotionally healthy as well. I decided in my 24th year I want to be more honest with myself and face my problems and unhealthy habits in the face and actually try to get better. To spend more time with God and learn how loved so that I may love people better and actually care about them for who they are and not what they can do for me. I just want to actually strive my absolute hardest to be the best me I can be ya know!

Here are a couple other things that have been going on currently.

1: Snail from a friend a few states away. How darling is that headband she made right! I love collaborating with talented friends! // 2: I decided to get some bangs recently. I needed a new look for my 24th year of life. // 3: I’ve been blessed to spend some weekends with really great friends recently. // 4: I am trying to eat healthy and be wiser about what my body intakes.

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