Desktop Flare / 02

Time for another desktop wallpaper download!! This week I want to encourage you to: SLOW DOWN. BREATH. RE-FOCUS. This is something I am constantly telling myself. Sometimes the list of things to do starts going in my head and I can’t stop it. I start running and hardly take a moment to think about what I am doing or how I am doing for that matter. We live in a very busy world and have things claiming our attention constantly, but it is important to take a second and re-focus on what needs to get done, what really matters, what makes us happy, what counts, how we feel,and who is important. This week I hope this desktop background can help you remember those things and keep you calm when the list of things seems impossible because as Jordan Sparks says we just need to take “One Step At a Time.”

This photo is from my trip a couple weekends ago when I visited friends in San Diego. Standing along the cliffs of Encinitas where I took this picture I felt so at peace, relaxed and for once not worried about what was next. We all need those moments of extreme peace and I hope you can find a piece of that this morning through this wallpaper. Happy Wednesday friends!

ClICK TO DOWNLOAD I-MAC (2560 x 1440) // 17 INCH (1920 x 1200) // 15 INCH (1400 x 900) // 13 INCH (1280 x 800)


You can also download them on flickr HERE.

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