Desktop Flare / 03

I was reading my journal the other entries from past years and found so many stories of spontaneous adventures and cool experiences that I did while I was in college. Now days I feel as though I spend a lot more time in front of my computer and then creating memories and adventuring spontaneously with friends. I know there comes a time to be responsible and get work done, but I must believe there is a balance of work and adventure. This week I designed a background to inspire myself that I hope inspires you as well to explore, to take the road less traveled, go for a hike, walk around the city, visit somewhere new, reach out to a stranger and most of all discover something new about where you live! That’s the crazy thing I think I so often think I need to be somewhere else to do a, b and c when maybe I have just not explored enough to find that thing right where I am. So I think it’s time we remember to explore because really that’s when the beautiful things in life happen right?

This picture is another from my weekend in San Diego a few months ago. Palm trees are a funny tree to me. They are just so unique and unlike another this north west girl has seen.

ClICK TO DOWNLOAD I-MAC (2560 x 1440) // 17 INCH (1920 x 1200) // 15 INCH (1400 x 900) // 13 INCH (1280 x 800)


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