Farewell Summer

My summer is officially coming to an end and what a summer it has been! I have gotten to hangout with so many amazing people, take great weekend getaways, play like a kid, move into a new apartment, and so much more! Really it has been a fantastic summer, but I think I am ready for my work and personal life to go back to normal and for fall to begin! But first here are some of my favorite snap shots of this summer!

1. One of my good friends from college and I on an In-and-Out play date. // 2. Slackening on the beach. // 3. Saturday morning creeps. // 4. Stormy days are for playing. // 5. Taking naps under friends trees in SD. // 6. 4th of July apparel and friends. // 7. Coolest camp counselors around. // 8. My new home office.

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