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Food. Quality time. Need I say more? Anyone who is anyone craves and loves these two things. Which is why we will be sharing our Wednesday night escapades into the world of food and required roommate ritual. I’m Alissa [aspiring foodie]. A regular twenty-something gal, I moved from the Midwest to the West Coast in pursuit of passion in nonprofit work. A event planner, recovering type A personality, writer, avid reader, communication junkie and recently discovered foodie wannabe; I haven’t yet acquired all the gadgets, so I would call myself amateur, or aspiring (seems less brutal) …but, as I say… only a KitchenAid away.

Wednesday nights have become our self-declared faux family nights. There may be only two of us and we may not actually be related, but carving out time to create and adventure into the unknown while catching up on our days is important nonetheless. With an open door, you may find any number of non-family members joining in on our foodie ventures. Hey, we aren’t promising quality, but the company is always there! Our first night set a fairly high standard with a meal that was both healthy and more delicious the second time around (!) Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers. Found via Pinterest, (c’mon we are 20 something year old girls…how else would we find this stuff?) these were less like burgers and more like a slice of heaven. The recipe was super simple; we even skipped a few of the ingredients. Look at us improvising on the first night.

The original recipe can be found on Healthy. Happy. Life. We skipped the tahini, optional add ins and some of the toppings. We kept it simple by just topping our burgers with spicy brown mustard and avocado. The recipe called for cannellini white beans, which we used. I would also suggest trying black beans as these are GREAT paired with sweet potato.

Let it be noted, we did all the mashing of ingredients with a fork. Do yourself a favor and get a potato masher.

Beware, these patties are messy and they will crumble easily. Thanks to Casey’s watchful eye and expert burger flipping, we discovered that the key to cooking our patties was using a LOT of Panko crumbs, keeping the stove at just above medium heat and allowing the patties to cook almost to the point of appearing burned. It was hard to get the Panko outer layer not to burn while also trying to get the sweet potato mixture to be more well done than not. It may take a few trial and error patties, but with the portions of this recipe we were able to make 8 large patties. The recipe does also say you can bake the patties, which may have been easier. Since the burgers were so filling, we kept it simple and had tortilla chips and a peach, mango salsa on the side.

This meal was so simple and utterly delectable. Give it a try and keep an eye out for our next Wednesday night snafu cooking success.

You can download all chalk recipe guides HERE!

2 thoughts on “Food & Type // 01

  1. I love this. Your humor and life are so inviting! Fun. It looks like a great meal. I wonder if an egg mixed in would help it all hold together…but perhaps this would need to be baked if an egg was used. Just a thought.

    Love it. I might just give this a whirl.

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