Guilty Pleasures // 08

Today let’s talk about a guilty pleasure we all engage in, music, or maybe it’s better called “personal soundtracks”. I’m not talking about the times we listen to music for itself and appreciate it’s qualities – I’m talking about the times we use it to illustrate our own lives. Let me explain what I mean, when I’m feeling a little down in the dumps and can’t get myself out of it I’ll choose a melancholy album (usually death cab or iron & wine) and lay on my bed staring at the ceiling just letting myself wallow for a moment. You might be thinking to yourself, “geezus, that’s depressing” but the thing is we all have those days (there’s no point in denying it) and it actually feels good to take a minute and just feel whatever it is I’m feeling at the time – and then move on. It goes the other way as well, whenever I’m working on something I’m really excited about or getting ready to go on a trip I’ve been looking forward to, I’ll spend at least half an hour shuffling through my iTunes til I find an album that seems right for the occasion. It’s a little silly I admit and perhaps it’s the result of growing up in a society surrounded by movies but it’s just nice to have a little “personal soundtrack” playing in the background for certain moments of your life.

The personal soundtrack I’d have playing today is a mix between Baths & Fleet Foxes because it’s a nice but gray day over here in Paris.

What do you have playing today? What do you play when you’re on a road trip or feeling a little under the weather?

your noise gal,

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