I’m Feeling Moody // 09

I am away at camp this week so guess it’s no surprise that my inspiration for this week would be drawn from my time away in the mountains. Funny enough it is also where I work, but this week I am getting to experience a completely different side of the organization. I am away from the marketing and business analytics and into the games, worship and seeing how God moves in people’s life’s! I think it’s always good to step away from my role in the organization and remember why I do what I do and how much God moves in peoples lives on the mountain. It is then that I am reminded of the bigger picture and that this organization has so much more purpose beyond my job and the marketing department. So I guess we could call this moodboard getting refreshed in the campy spirit.

In light of this I encourage you this week to take a step back and try to see things from a different perceptive. Even from the perspective of those around you. Refresh yourself in the greater purpose of life and what you are a part of. I believe it is when we take a step back and get a new point of view on life, a view beyond our selfs, that we are inspired in new ways and strive to be better people. Have a beautiful Wednesday friends!

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