Monday Wisdom from Momma…

Happy Monday everyone! To brighten up your Monday and hopefully start your week off right I would like to share some wise words of my momma with you.

Growing up my mom would always dance around our living room and tell me, “Ya’ll know if you dance five min a day you’ll live a longer and happier life!” I never believed my mom’s theory to be true and still tend to question if it will actually make me live longer, but recently as I sit in front of my computer shuffling back and forth between blogging, designing, emailing and surfing I find my self jumping up and taking a five min dance break.I know this may sound silly, but it oddly has become my new strategy of getting myself to focus. Every time I feel like my head is too loud to get anything done I get up and dance for five min. Then I sit back down with a smile on my face and for some reason can focus back in on what I am doing with a happier, lighter heart.

So I encourage you today to follow my momma’s silly wisdom and take five min, or more, to do a silly little dance that it may loosen up your bones and put some joy in your heart! Don’t be shy just put on “Good Time” by Owl City and Carly Rae and you won’t be able to sit still! Have very fun and happy Monday friends!!

(photo & illustration by Casey Lynn)
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