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How gorgeous are these photos by Samm Black. I came across Samm Black’s photography last night while looking at featured photographers on my favorite app VSCO. Her work and photo styline is absolutely gorgeous. After reading how she jumped into freelance photography and has taken the world by storm I am truely inspired by not only for her beautiful work but for the path of life she has chosen to take as well. Here is a blurb from her VSCO interview:

“I was confused about what type of photographer I wanted to be for a few years, and so I tried to do and be everything. I think it’s important to explore a lot of different areas of photography to know what you really love and are capable of, but it’s important to focus on something in particular. For my wedding work, it’s about creating work that is intimate and personal and has a sense of poetic simplicity to it all. My images are best described as quiet little moments that capture the honesty and realness of the day. For my documentary work, it’s about finding projects where I can create a collection of images that ultimately forms a large portrait of the subject / issue I am exploring.” – Samm Black

To read all of here interview visit the VSCO site HERE. To view all of her work visit her website HERE.

Thank you for inspiring me today Samm!

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