Warby Parker: 5 Day Trial

Gosh I don’t know how to begin to express my love for Warby Parker. I recently took a trip to the eye doctor and found out that my eyes are continuing to get worse. In light of this it’s time that I get some new glasses so I took some friends advise and did Warby Parker’s home try on deal to find the perfect pair. I didn’t really understand how the process worked at first, but it was really just as simple as it sounds. First you go through their collection online and pick five glasses that you might enjoy. Warby then sends you the five pairs for five days to try out. After your five days are over you send back the glasses and visit the online Warby Parker story to purchase your final pair. The best part of this try on process is that it is completely free! Warby Parker takes care of all shipping making the entire process easy and stress free! It’s not only their great customer service and system that makes me so in love with Warby, but how adorable are their frames! I love them all!!

It was hard to just choose one pair. I have to be honest it took me long time to decided between pair 3 and 5, but none the less the winner is…

What pair do you like best?
To see the full Warby Parker Eye Care collection visit their website HERE.

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