Weekend Wear / 02


01. BAG // 02. WRIST WEAR // 03. TOP // 04. HAT // 05. SKIRT // 06. FLATS

This weekend I am taking another getaway to a friends house in Orange County. I am so excited to just hangout with good friends, lay around by the pool, have good conversation, eat way to many cookies and most of all have fun. I love weekends when I am able to let my hair down and just have some fun! That was kinda the inspiration behind this outfit. A fun free classic look that you can wear in the blazing heat of the California desert is what I would call it. My favorite piece of this outfit would have to be that bracelet. I am in love with the little etsy shop, nanoukiko, it comes from and all the amazing stuff they sell. I also love that top. I am really into the tied look so of course I had to pick it. It gives that fun friday feel right? Happy Friday Friends!!

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