Weekend Wear / 06


01. HAT // 02. GLASSES // 03. SHIRT // 04. SHORTS // 05. BRACELET // 06. FLATS

It has been really stormy and super hot here in the dessert. There have been a number of rain and thunderstorms, yet I find myself sweating most of the day as the temperature has topped out at 102 most days this week. For this reason I will be living in shorts a t-shirt and hat this weekend while I hit the streets for some garage sale shopping, catch up on some work at home, and hangout with one of my best friends who will be moving back to San Diego in only one week! Too bad I don’t have a as cute of a hate to wear as this baby blue one, but I do have floral shorts I will be rocking along with the wrist action and glasses. Happy Weekend Friends! Hope it’s a good one!

PS How amazing are those details on that shirt!

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