It’s been a very long week full of very happy moments, but its time to get out of town for a little. I am heading to San Diego to spend the weekend with good friends. I love visiting San Diego as I feel like little pieces of my heart are spread all over that city. So many memories some really great and some really hard. I love returning to places where so much life happened that I end up reflecting on how much I have grew in that place. My 4 years in San Diego were really beautiful years where God taught me a lot and really lead me to where I am today. I am truly blessed to have spent 4 years there in the community of people I was engulfed in and that have become such a key part of my life. Gosh I am a very blessed girl for the people God has placed in my life. Anyways, I think even in my tired state its going to be a refreshing time with good friends re-living beautiful memories and creating even better ones.

I hope that you get to spend this weekend with those who you love and you are reminded that you are so loved, so cared for and have such a great purpose in this big world we live in. Happy weekend friends! and remember YOLO :)

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