This week I have the opportunity to have lunch, dinner, moments as well as hours with dear friends. While having dinner with one friend we talked about the season of life we are in and how funny our 20’s can feel. In that I was remind how at times all of us feel lost in our 20’s. What job will I take, where should I move to, should I marry him, will I ever get married, should I quit, should I take time off, should I go back to school, how will I ever be as good as them, where do I even start, what do I have to offer, what am I passionate about, and the list of questions go on and on. These are unavoidable questions and at times can rule our little life’s, but in my experience there is one thing that trumps all of these questions and honestly helps us on this windy path of life. That golden key in my eyes is GOOD community.

Good community gives us a place to run to when these questions seem to be sinking us down. It provides people to feedback into your life and help guide you. It reminds you that you are a person and that you matter and have purpose. It gives us a reason to push through and smile. It reminds us that life is more then our job and what we do from 8 to 5, yet it is who we are and how we value people. It provides people to cry, laugh and adventure with. Finding community is not easy and at times you must seek it out and search for that group of people you click with, but it’s worth the search and time. I am so thankful for the community God has blessed me with in all the areas and places of my life. I am so thankful for those who continue to value me and are there for me when the questions of the 20’s start to take me captive. Thank you to all of those who have been part of my community in all different stages of life for the last 23 years.

If your lucky enough to have this good community then don’t take it for granted this weekend. If your still on the search for community don’t stop search and try to keep your eyes wide and grateful for those who maybe are there but not noticed. We were made for community and I thank the Lord for that! So spend this weekend with your others laughing and enjoying life together!

Happy Weekend Friends!

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