Weekender: 30 Days Later

For about 30 days now I have been on the go non stop. From a trip to Seattle, two trips to San Diego and a random trip to L.A. it’s safe to say I am ready to actually unpack my suit case and put it in the closet for a bit. I know I will be back on the road and anxious to get away again soon, but for now I am just going to be content being in my apartment working away. With all this traveling I know I have neglected my little conner of the internet for a bit, but I promise I will be back this week on the blog in full swing!! I also have lots of new business endeavors in front of me that I am excited to get to work on and share with you all soon. While in San Diego I was able to visit a lot of my old friends and aquatints I went to college with. It is so cool to see where everyone has ended up and the exciting new paths they are on whether its career, relationships, or even growth personally I am so proud of the community I am still a part of down there. It’s so amazing how many extremely talented people God has put in my life who have encouraged and blessed me so much. I am so inspired by the people who have started their own business since college and are pursuing something they truly love! A perfect example of this is the coffee shop I am sitting in in the picture above.

Coffee & Tea Collective is an artisan small-batch coffee roastery and tasting room in San Diego, Ca. I remember the owner of this amazing coffee shop used to drive the shuttle at the college I went to. I had the pleasure of first trying his coffee when a friend of mine brought it to my apartment and told me about Daniel and his coffee business he was starting. Today Daniel has successfully started his own coffee shop and kept his beautiful mission he began with that makes this coffee shop not just another coffee shop on the corner, but a community you want to be a part of. Here is a little more about the coffee shop in their own words:

“Our mission is to bring together distinct local communities into one space.
In that space we aim to provide the environment conducive for collaborative change.
Our goal is to use a relationship-based approach to support the growing specialty coffee & tea culture in San Diego.”
-Coffee & Tea Collective

Visiting this coffee shop while in San Diego was defiantly inspiring for so many reasons. I cannot wait to go back when I am in San Diego next and if your in San Diego this weekend please stop by and get a cup of coffee or tea! Have a beautiful weekend friends and remember to try to be inspired by the stories around you!

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